Patron: Lady June Hillary

About Us

History and Management

The Aongatete Outdoor Education Centre was established in 1979 and its objectives are:-

  •     To promote and foster among youth, a love of the outdoors– especially of the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park and Ranges.

  •     To promote and encourage the safe and responsible use of the Forest Park and the facilities provided.

  •     To foster learning, appreciation and conservation of the local history, geology, flora and fauna.

  •     To enable children to use all our facilities and so improve their self confidence by encouraging initiative, leadership and team work.

  •     To provide opportunities for students to learn new skills, overcome physical challenges and develop new interests.

The Centre is managed by the Board of Kaimai Outdoor Centre Incorporated, a non profit incorporated society. The board are volunteers and they employ a resident manager to run and care-take the centre. Currently Karen Tobich and Allen Smith job share this position. They provide guidance to group leaders and instruct in some of the activities, if and when required. We are honoured to have Lady June Hillary as our Patron.

All profits, donations and sponsorships go towards the improvement of facilities, activities and programmes.   Priority is given to school and youth groups. Revenue from social users goes towards subsidising the costs for school and youth groups. As it is on Department of Conservation (D.o.C.) land, a lease has to be paid and users must respect D.o.C. regulations.

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